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How the "For Us All" Campaign Forever Changed One Cadet


When Cadet Alexis Salmon '14 was asked to speak at the WPAOG's recent For Us All Campaign launch, she thought she was just going to be speaking about her company newsletter. Instead, she came away from the launch with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the services provided by the WPAOG and her role as a member of the Long Gray Line.

One Cadet's Introduction to the WPAOG and to the Long Gray Line

Ding! I heard the mail alert of my inbox go off and quickly looked over to see if I had a meeting to attend that night. To my surprise the heading of the email read: AOG...

"Great," I thought, "They want my money, and I haven't even graduated yet!" After further perusal of the email, I found that in fact, the email was about the C-3 Coyote Column. The West Point AOG was about to host a conference reaching out to returning graduates entitled For Us All: The Campaign for West Point.

The objective of the campaign, as stated in the email and on the AOG website, is to ask graduates and friends to support the Margin of Excellence -- additional programs, facilities, and opportunities the West Point Superintendent and other Academy leaders have determined are most important for preparing ethical and agile leaders of character and that are complementary to the core mission of the Academy. With our help, West Point cadets -- those on whom we will all rely to defend democracy everywhere -- will have everything they need to succeed and serve with honor in an uncertain and volatile world.

In regards to the campaign, AOG was asking me to speak at one of their venues about how the Coyote Column/Gamecock Gazette reaches out to graduates and how information is passed on from current cadets to past cadets through the company newsletter. AOG wanted to highlight how graduates see their donations in use through the opportunities offered to cadets who are featured in the Coyote Column.

What's important about this story is that I ended up attending the event, speaking, and being forever altered by the stories and other speakers I heard.

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