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Dean’s Weekly, April 3


EV301 Trip Section to the Wheelabrator:  Cadets pose in front of the furnace at the Wheelabrator waste-to-energy plant.11 Cadets from USMA’s Environmental Science class (EV301) travelled to Peekskill, NY, to view the generation of energy from municipal solid waste. Cadets saw firsthand how 2,250 tons of waste per day is incinerated and then converted to mechanical energy before being distributed onto the electrical grid. Cadets also learned about air pollution control devices that are used to ensure that the exhaust gases meet federal emission standards.  Wheelabrator Westchester L.P. generates approximately 60,000 kW of electricity, enough to supply 88,000 New York homes.

General Electric (GE) Collaboration:  Dr. David Helmer of GE Global Research Corporation presented a class seminar on the topic of Computational Fluid Dynamics for each of four section-hours of MC 312, Thermal-Fluid Systems 2. Dr. Helmer covered the governing mathematical models, some basic numerical methods, and a few practical considerations for engineering simulations. He concluded with a brief summary of ongoing computational research efforts in gas turbine technology in industry. In addition, a Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) between General Electric and West Point is now in process. The CRADA will open new opportunities for cadet and faculty research and leverages GE’s large pool of research scientists and facilities

 Flight Test for Capstone Project:  Cadets Steven Billington, Jordyne Hayden, and Brian Tumolillo participated in flight testing of the system they are developing as part of their capstone project in Information Technology.Cadets Steven Billington, Jordyne Hayden, and Brian Tumolillo participated in flight testing of the system they are developing as part of their capstone project in Information Technology. The cadets designed and built a system that distributes real-time kinematic (RTK) correction data, which allows global positioning system (GPS) receivers to reduce the error of their locations to less than four centimeters.

MX400 Tactical Decision Exercise:  CALDOL conducted a Tactical Decision Exercise (TDE) with the MX400 section the team instructs. The TDE was based on Chapter 15 of The Outpost, by Jake Tapper, and interviews CALDOL conducted with the protagonist in the Chapter, CPT Aaron Perasall ‘04 who was a platoon leader at the time of the story. 

Energy Summit Brief:  As part of the energy summit on 27 March, Cadets Mary Prakel, Bill Lane, Wayne Pak, and Cheyne Rocha briefed the Honorable Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy, and Environment, and the Superintendent on their capstone research projects. These projects deal with pricing methodology for micro grids based upon consumer preferences and conducting cost benefit analysis for energy security investments.  Cadets Lane and Pak also briefed the Army Science Board on 28 March on the micro grid pricing modeling. 

SIP-Hut Energy B-Hut Construction:  SIP-Hut Energy B-Hut ConstructionIn spite of the delays imposed by sequestration, the SIP Hut Energy Evaluation Project at West Point is moving forward. Construction has begun on the B-Hut. The Cadet SIP Hut team will compete in the MIT Soldier Design Competition on Thursday 4 Apr. A team of Systems Engineering Cadets is currently evaluating the feasibility of using SIP Huts as disaster recovery housing.

Guest Lecture – EV482 (Military Geography):  Dr. Anne Knowles, Chair of the Geography Department at Middlebury College, Vermont, gave a lecture titled “GIS for Visualizing History” to Cadets enrolled in EV482: Military Geography.  Dr. Knowles specializes in Historical Geography, Historical GIS, the Holocaust, and cultural and economic landscapes.  Her lecture discussed the use of GIS to enable historical research and focused on her work on the Battle of Gettysburg as well as the emerging research on using GIS to further understandings of the spatial and temporal patterns of the Holocaust. 

Guest Lecturer CEO of CounterTack, Inc.:  Mr. Neal Creighton ’89, CEO of CounterTack, Inc.Mr. Neal Creighton ’89, CEO of CounterTack, Inc., a security software firm that focuses on preventing cyber-attacks, spoke to the first class CS, EE and IT majors on how to create great products for any organization. Drawing on almost twenty years of successful innovation and entrepreneurship, his talk stressed the importance of seeing opportunities that others don’t, being passionate about success, and building great teams.  He also discussed collaboration opportunities with D/EECS and CRC leadership.

Defense Tech Seminar Hosted by MIT Lincoln Laboratory:  Nineteen cadets from the EECS department traveled to the Boston area to participate in a Defense Technology Seminar hosted by MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  They also enjoyed a tour of the MIT campus and lab facilities, and the Artist Asylum hacker space. While at Lincoln Laboratory, the cadets learned about the history of the lab, various mapping, communication, and sensor applications using lasers, new IED detection techniques, and satellite tracking.

ME450 Water Rocket Design Project – Launch Event:  39 cadets took part in the ME450 (Mechanical Design of Army Systems) Rocket Launch Event.  Teams were attempting to design and optimize a launch and delivery system that maximized hang-time of a 100 gram payload, accurately delivered that payload to a target site within a 20 foot radius, and allowed a small paratrooper to achieve separation during flight.  They will be presenting the results of their design, analysis, and recorded launch efforts in a class presentation and a formal design report.

K’NEXercise:  Cadets Michelle Su, Nate Gooden (Construction Manager), Michael Creekmore, and Zack Baldwin strategize their next moves during the 2013 Spring K’NEXercise. Their team would go on to win the Hall Project Competition.Cadets enrolled in CE450 Construction Management competed in the K’NEXercise.  The competition requires teams of cadets to prepare estimates and bids, construction plans, and schedules and then execute the construction of a project built with rapid setting concrete and K’NEX components. The winning teams in the Tower, Hall, and Bridge projects were led by Cadets Alex Pingis, Nate Gooden, and Dan Pinho, respectively.

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant:  ME472 Energy Conversion Systems toured the nearby Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.  The tour showcased the two massive 1000 MW steam turbines, the containment buildings, the fish conveyor belt and cooling water intake systems, a $60M control room simulator, and the spent fuel pool storing decades of highly radioactive waste. All participants were treated to several Geiger counter tests, tight security, and a pat down. 

Newburgh Brewing Company:  Chris Basso, Newburgh Brewing Company Brewmaster, points out the different pieces of equipment and explains the brewing process to the cadets of the AIChE Club.A contingent of 40 AIChE Club Chemical Engineering majors and members of the CH362 course travelled to the Newburgh Brewing Company in order to tour the 1st Brewery in Orange County and learn about chemical engineering.  The CEO and brewmaster of the Newburgh Brewing Company, Chris Basso, invited the cadets and sponsored the tour.  This trip was tied directly into the CH362 objectives and chemical engineering goals, and the cadets came away with a new sense of appreciation for the science and engineering of a large scale process like a brewery. 

CE400 Seminar:  Mr. John Tawresey of KPFF Consulting Engineers presented a seminar on the role of technical institutes in civil engineering. These organizations produce standards, distribute educational materials, publish journals, and conduct professional development for the benefit of the engineering profession and the public it serves.

Security Seminar to CDX Team:  Mr. Ed Skoudis, a world renowned security expert, author, and educator visited the EE&CS Department and gave a security seminar to the 2013 Cyber Defense Exercise team. Mr. Skoudis is a founder and Senior Security Consultant with security consulting company InGuardians and is also the author of the CS482 Cybersecurity course text, "CounterHack, Reloaded.” He has demonstrated hacker techniques against financial institutions for the United States Senate and is a frequent speaker on issues associated with hacker tools and defenses.

WPNP Panel:  BS&L's Negotiation Project hosted a panel on dispute resolution for cadets enrolled in Negotiation for Leaders (MG390) and cadets enrolled in Conflict Analysis, Resolution, and Negotiation (SS476). The panel was collaboration between the two courses, but open to all. Panelists Doran Pelly,  Executive Director of the Sulfa Research Center, and Ahmed Khan, UN political officer, discussed with cadets dispute resolution practices in Muslim/Arab cultures.

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