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Dean’s Weekly, March 22


2nd Annual West Point Chemical Engineering Fuel Cell Car:  “Join the West Point ChemE Club and see how the ChemEs Roll!”Cadets of CH152, Advanced General Chemistry, participated in the second annual West Point Chemical Engineering Fuel Cell Car Competition sponsored by the West Point Chemical Engineering Program. Given a fuel Cell car, a target distance, and a load, the cadets determine the amount of hydrogen gas in order to fuel the car and achieve the distance desired without going over the finish line.  Each hour had a winning team that was awarded a West Point Chemical Engineering Ruler.

West Point Selects 6 Teams for Soldier Design Competition: Cadets from C&LS and GEnE (Team Green Clean) brief the panel on their plan to improve disinfection procedures for the military with an environmentally-friendly compound.Twelve teams with advisors and cadets representing five different academic departments presented their projects as candidates for entry into the MIT-West Point 10th Annual Soldier Design Competition. The competition seeks feasible, near-term engineering solutions that will support soldier and/or first responder needs. The Center for Innovation and Engineering is the West Point host and liaison with M.I.T. for the preparation and assessment of the cadet teams. This year’s group of teams represents a very diverse and strong field of projects. The projects proceeding to the final round of competition are as follows: Lighter-Than-Air Radiological Survey UAV (P&NE),  Non-Lethal 40mm Grenade Obscurant (CME), Stryker Rear Air-Guard Hatches (Re-Design) (CME), B-Hut/SIP-Hut Deployable Living Structures(CME), Fatty-Acid Disinfection System (C&LS/GEnE), and Multiplexed Diagnostics (C&LS).

EV387 (Meteorology) Field Study:  EV387 (Meteorology) wind researchStudents in EV387 (Meteorology) placed a research wind sensor next to the North Dock helipad as part of a field study of winds around West Point. Simultaneous measurements will be taken from 5 locations on post and analyzed. The research furthers students understanding of terrain winds and supports a G3 and 2nd AVN inquiry about wind sock locations.

Waste-To-Energy Research:  Cadets Louie Tobergte, Jessica Niemiec, and Floren Herrera enjoying a ‘warm sunny day’ in Cadets Floren Herrera, Louis Tobergte, and Jessica Niemiec spent their spring break collaborating with research colleagues from ARDEC Picatinney, Benet Labs, and SUNY Cobleskill to further their waste-to -energy research funded by RDECOM and SERDP (DOD-EPA-DOE Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program). The team made great progress in designing, building, and testing two alternative gas scrubbing schemes that will support a rotary kiln waste to energy gasifier for FOB waste to electricity applications.

SE/EM 403 Capstone Project :  Cadets Erin Farinelli, Cody Ross, Stuart Tepoorten, and Cody Nyp participated in a field experiment at the ASA(ALT) sponsored Technical Support and Operational Analysis (TSOA) Activity for deployable force protection at Camp Blanding, Florida.  As part of an SE/EM 403 Capstone Project, the cadets are partnering with Night Vision Laboratory to develop re-design options for the Cerberus Lite ground radar system currently fielded in USCENTCOM to create an enhanced modular system with broader CONOPS than the current design affords.

Cadet Competitive Cyber Team (C3T) in Codegate 2013 YUT Challenge:  TheCadet Competitive Cyber Team (C3T) competed in the Codegate 2013 YUT Challenge, an international cyber security competition hosted in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The team participated remotely, occupying computer labs in Thayer Hall, and spent 36 hours straight solving a series of cyber challenges in the areas of digital forensics, software vulnerabilities, web application exploitation, and binary data analysis. The C3T placed 79th out of 285 competitors, a respectable showing for their first team competition, especially considering the experience level of the competitors.

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